With our professional team, we implement time efficient and economical projects.

Any preliminary work and compliance with technical and legal requirements are “daily business” at Prime Home Construction. What is just as usual for us: Most of the work is done by our team. Since it can also reach its limits in the case of extraordinary challenges, we work together with recognized and experienced specialists for special services.

The competencies of Prime Home Construction range from the design of your project to the realization of it. In addition to the development and architectural visualization of the project, we are ready to respond to every detail at every stage of your project, including planning your land to be used effectively and in accordance with urban standards by keeping barrier-free design criteria in the foreground, creating functional and holistic concepts for energy management.

However, Prime Home Construction’s interdisciplinary and organized approach also includes a structured approach in the form of fundamental analysis:

  • Definition of objectives resulting from the task
  • Determining the total power requirement by considering the options
  • Urban planning concepts
  • Review and evaluation of existing documents
  • Inventory and analysis of the fundamentals
  • Development of a planning concept within the framework of various possible solutions
  • Coordination and integration of the services of other parties involved in the planning process
  • Examination of the provability
  • Holistic cost estimation
  • Recording and clarification of the essential design, functional, structural-physical, and economic interrelationships and conditions

In line with this approach, we present your project to you with the appropriate budget within the specified time, avoiding possible problems.